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Criminal Profiling Certification Course (see below)


Forensic Hypnosis Investigator Certification Program

If you have ever been fascinated with law enforcement, CSI, or forensics you will love these courses. Now for the first time offered to the general public (must be certified in hypnosis), you can work with police, lawyers, courts, witnesses, and victims.We are very proud that we are forensic consultants for the very popular TV show, CSI, and have done work as paid experts for the # 1 TV show, The Dr. Phil Show on CBS.

Forensic Hypnosis has been used in famous cases around the world. Two of the most famous cases are the Chowchilla case and Rock vs. Arkansas although it has been used in the Ted Bundy case and the Scott Peterson case as well. Its use has been upheld by the US Supreme court.

In the Chowchilla case (California) a bus driver, Ed Ray and 26 students were kidnapped and buried alive. The bus driver and some of the students managed to dig their way out of the grave to safety. Ed Ray was hypnotized to recall the suspect's van license plate number as he saw the license plate number when the van was in front of the bus. Ed Ray remembered all but one of the characters on the license plate, which helped the police capture and convict the suspects. This is one of the most famous cases ever where forensic hypnosis was used successfully. There was even a movie made regarding this case.

The other famous case is the Rock vs. Arkansas case. This is a case where a husband and wife were having a domestic dispute. She was charged with manslaughter in the shooting death of her husband. She stated that during the struggle with her husband, he had pushed her against the wall and she grabbed the gun from a corner table nearby and told him to stop hitting her. She was unable to recall all of the details of the shooting. She was hypnotized twice and was unable to recall any additional information. After the hypnosis session she recalled that the handgun had accidentally discharged when her husband grabbed her arm during the dispute while she had her thumb on the hammer, but her finger was not on the trigger. Based on the information obtained from Mrs. Rock, her attorney had a firearms expert test the gun and the expert did find that the gun was indeed defective. The prosecutor had her hypnosis session excluded and she was convicted to 10 years in prison for manslaughter.

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Forensic Education

We elected to take our education from the one undisputed world-renowned expert on forensic hypnosis working at the time.This is why we elected to be trained at the Community College/Law Enforcement center in Texas. This college is where he taught until his last class in May 2002, after 23 years of teaching forensic investigative hypnosis. We wanted the very best education available in the country. Books and training material came from him; although we have made some updates and improvements the vast majority is the same. This guarantees you the very best forensic hypnosis education today at any price.

Expand your practice, increase your income, become a consulting expert and trainer. Upon successful completion of required work for each course we will issue you, the student a certificate for that course.

  1. Forensic Investigator, 32 hours
  2. Certified Forensic Investigator, 40 hours
  3. Forensic Train the Trainer, 30 hours

All of these courses can be taken as home study courses. Course One is also offered in class. Please call for locations near you.


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Course Topics

What you will learn:

  • Forensic Applications
  • Legal Aspects
  • Court view of hypnotically refreshed recall
  • Autopsy of an Investigative interview
  • Judicial review/pitfalls
  • Therapeutic vs. Investigative hypnosis
  • Interview Analysis techniques
  • Mental health resolution
  • Informational listening techniques
  • Amnesia, Hyperamnesia regression
  • Correct memory retrieval techniques
  • Cognitive interview techniques
  • Structuring the interview
  • A technically correct interview
  • Guided practice session #1
  • Guided practice session #2
  • Preparing to testify in court
  • Defense strategies
  • Video-court room testimony
  • Lecture outline for T.V. or Radio talk show
  • Lecture for hypnosis speech
  • Plus much more.. including marketing
  • Plus how to protect/defend yourself if you are sued

This is a comprehensive training program that is presented in clear and concise language. This is a paint-by-numbers course. Where each student will learn and possess a thorough understanding of information presented.


Truth in Justice

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             Criminal Profiling Certification Course

Criminal profiling has many different names; offender profiling, psychological criminal profiling, psychological profiling, criminal personality profiling, and criminal investigative analysis to mention a few. Criminal profiling is an investigative technique and forensic science that has been practiced on many different levels for many years by law enforcement including the FBI and others. Criminal Profiling dates back to the 1800's during the White Chapel Murders (Jack the Ripper).You do not have to be in law enforcement in order to take and use this great course.This course review and approved by a captain of a police department.

This is a course that everyone should take if for no other reason but to be aware of what is around the next corner.


                                               Handwriting Analysis

Your true and absolute personality and behavior comes through your handwriting. Learn how to be more in tune with your clients than they are with themselves. Learn how to know whether you are compatible or incompatible with your partner.One of the three levels has autowriting with hypnosis.

Level one is $350.00

Level two is $299.00

Level three is $299.00

All three $899.00





We now have courses in Homeland Security and in DNA collection. Call for information.



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