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Criminal Profiling Course  (see below)


Forensic Investigator course
Each Student will Receive:

1. A 230 page reference manual, which includes: related articles, step-by-step procedures to conduct a forensic interview including what to say, record keeping procedures, proper reporting format, examples of incorrect procedures, and examples of correct procedures to follow.
2. Course manual.
3. (1) DVD training disk - approximately 2 hours of a technically correct forensic-investigative hypnosis interview.
4. (1) DVD of a forensic hypnosis interview including an abreaction and techniques for dealing with emotional outbursts. (loaner)
5. (1) DVD of a T.V. interview to be used for training
6. (4) CD of actual courtroom testimony in a criminal case. (Approximately 3 1/2 hours)
7. (2) CD containing information related to the legal aspects of hypnosis. (For review purposes).
8. (1) Non-verbal quick induction technique instruction book and DVD.
9. Power Point on disk or CD-ROM of the slides/overlays used in teaching this course.
10. 141-pages of copy ready training aids, ready for transparencies. For those who might teach this course but do not have a computer for their presentation
11. Book-Trance on Trial, Scheflin/Shapiro, 338 pages

This includes a complete set of materials needed to teach this course in class.

Course #1 taught in or out of class. Forensic Hypnosis Investigator, 32 hours. This is a 4-day in class 32-hour training course. Students must plan on completing the entire 4 days training to get the certificate. The board will make no exception for anyone not completing the entire 32 hours.


  • You will receive a complete set of materials on the first day of class, including nearly all the information required to complete course 2 and course 3.
  • This course includes all the necessary information for you to conduct forensic hypnosis interviews with witnesses, victims, and defendants in criminals in civil cases, in consulting cases where hypnosis has been used. You will have all the necessary resources, information and training aids to conduct a 3-day, 24 hour advanced forensic investigative hypnosis course for other hypnotists and other hypnotherapists.
  • Upon completion of this 4-day comprehensive training course each student will receive a certificate of completion from the Board. Certificates will show you have completed the course and you are certified as a Forensic Hypnosis Investigator with 32 hours of training. This will be one of the most rewarding and comprehensive courses you will ever attend.

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Course Topics

Course #1 Forensic Investigator Course
What you will learn:

  • Forensic Applications
  • Legal Aspects
  • Court view of hypnotically refreshed recall
  • Autopsy of an Investigative interview
  • Judicial review/pitfalls
  • Therapeutic vs. Investigative hypnosis
  • Interview Analysis techniques
  • Mental health resolution
  • Informational listening techniques
  • Amnesia, Hyperamnesia regression
  • Correct memory retrieval techniques
  • Cognitive interview techniques
  • Structuring the interview
  • A technically correct interview
  • Guided practice session #1
  • Guided practice session #2
  • Preparing to testify in court
  • Defense strategies
  • Video-court room testimony
  • Lecture outline for T.V. or Radio talk show
  • Lecture for hypnosis speech
  • Plus much more.. including marketing
  • Plus how to protect/defend yourself if you are sued

Course #2 Certified Forensic Investigator
40 hours Distance Education, Lab assignment
Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of course #1

  • Students will be provided with specific course assignments to be completed within 90 days and submitted directly to the Board. The majority of the material for this assignment will be included in the material provided in course 1, however the student will have to research and provide written summary of the hypnosis case law in their jurisdictions (state)
  • Clear instructions will be reviewed as well as written instructions. Upon successful completion/submission and review the student will receive a certificate from the Board that shows you have completed course requirements of the Certified Forensic Investigator.
  • Expand your practice by becoming a consulting expert on the Forensic-Investigative application of hypnosis
  • Witness/victim
  • Plaintiff/defendant
  • Criminal/civil cases

Course #3 Train the Trainer
Distance Education
Prerequisite:satisfactory completion of courses 1 and 2
Train other hypnotists and hypnotherapists in these techniques
30 hours of distance education and lab assignment

  • The student will have received all of the necessary training material provided in course #1 to complete this portion of the course work.
  • The student must submit the course assignment no later than 120 days from completion of course #1.
  • Student must submit a lesson plan for teaching a 3-day advance forensic-investigative hypnosis course. The lesson plan will track the 3-day on campus course.
  • Examples of format will be provided for each student for completing this assignment. Upon successful completion, submission, the review of assignment, the student will receive a certificate from the board indicating that they have successfully completed all requirements of Train the Trainer-Forensic Hypnosis, 30 hours. Expand your practice by offering a 3-day Advanced Forensic Hypnosis Training course to offer hypnotists and hypnotherapists. The board has already done all the work for you. Take advantage of this course put together by a world renowned expert   with 32 years experience in the police field. You will receive all the training material (see list what you will receive) that you will need to conduct a 3-day course.

Investment in all three courses in a package price is $1,399.00. You save $100.00. It includes:

  • 3 course program
  • Certificate of each course upon the successful completion of all course requirements.
  • Free black jacket with "Forensic" in white ink with block lettering on the back and "Investigator" down the left sleeve.(Upon successful completion of all three courses).

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Student Comments - Forensic Investigative Courses

            Read what others have had to say:

Here are some of the comments of people who have taken the training course have had to say:

Hi, my name is Jim Fallon, and I would like to tell you about the National Board.

I recently enrolled in the forensic hypnosis course with the National Board.Upon doing research prior to enrolling, I checked out other training establishments. No other school offered the guarantee and the quality of service and excellent materials and the cost-effective price, as did the National Board. In addition, they provide 7 day a week phone support 12 hours a day, and their staff will do above and beyond to make sure their students are satisfied in every and all aspects. I am not an easy person to please. I am very satisfied with my program from the National board. I have never received such personnel attention and care as I receive from the national board. It is better than being in a live classroom.

With the National Board's distance learning, it is just like they are not only your personnel instructor, but also your personnel coach, there for you 12 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no where else that anyone will find a course of instruction that offers so much.

I plan to enroll in additional courses, as they become available from the National Board. Dr. Brady, Tonya and staff are outstanding. There are simply no other programs that can even compare with the outstanding programs that the National Board offers. Their material is current and state of the art, and has all the latest cutting edge information. Make your future brighter by enrolling with the National Board.

Jim Fallon, Certified Hypnotherapist ABH, -IL 2/18/03

Encouraged by other home study courses I have taken from the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, I could not wait to get the material for the Forensic Hypnosis Investigator Course. Once again I was very pleasantly surprised on how concise, clear, and easy to follow the course was. It made a tough subject easy to learn and gives you the information you need to be a “Pro” right from the start. I highly recommend this course to any Hypnotherapist looking to expand into the field of Forensic Hypnosis. Once again, Dr. Brady and the National Board have delivered another tool to help you succeed.  

Andrew Neblett, CMHt


As a recent graduate I can say with credibility that The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards knows how to teach!  It is my feeling as a recent graduate that The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards has your success as its utmost concern.  Having received my Masters certification in hypnosis through this board I can assure you they made sure through proper testing and follow-up calls that I was properly trained and I'm sure they will do the same for you.  When you graduate from The National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards you will have peace of mind knowing not only have you received the very best and most comprehensive training possible, but you are a member of one of the most prestigious organizations in the World!

James Krieser, MHt, Forensic Investigator


I would highly recommend the forensic hypnosis course to any student of hypnosis.  The course studies that you receive are thorough.  When taking the course if I ran into a question it would be answered by just picking up the phone and calling.  I look forward to the "Criminal Profiling" course coming soon!

Dr. Kevin Sample, MHt, PhD  "Windows to the Mind Hypnotherapy Clinic"

f more time is needed to complete course 2 and 3, it will be granted upon a written or verbal request for an extension of up to one year.



              Criminal Profiling Certification Course

Criminal profiling has many different names; offender profiling, psychological criminal profiling, psychological profiling, criminal personality profiling, and criminal investigative analysis to mention a few.  Criminal profiling is an investigative technique and forensic science that has been practiced on many different levels for many years by law enforcement including the FBI and others. Criminal Profiling dates back to the 1800's during the White Chapel Murders (Jack the Ripper).You do not have to be in law enforcement in order to take and use this great course.This course review and approved by a captain of a police department.

This is a course that everyone should take if for no other reason but to be aware of what is around the next corner.



                            Handwriting Analysis

Your true and absolute personality and behavior comes through your handwriting. Learn how to be more in tune with your clients than they are with themselves.  Learn how to know whether you are compatible or incompatible with your partner.One of the three levels has autowriting with hypnosis.

Level one is $350.00
Level two is $299.00
Level three is $299.00
All three $899.00

New course in Psychology 101 and Forensic Psychology coming very soon. A course in Deviant Behavior now available.

We now have courses in Homeland Security and in DNA collection available.
Call 1-888-357-8400  for information.


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